About Us

We are long term Granville natives not currently residing in the village due to a job transfer in 2011.  It is our plan to return to Granville in the next few years once our children have completed high school.  We visit the area frequently and have a large extend family currently living in several counties throughout Ohio. We purchased this property many years ago and have been renting it as a long term rental for many years.

The property is located in the village and is walking distance to the shops in the village and the college.  This two-bedroom apartment is located in a quiet residential area behind the house.  The house is rented on a long term agreement and is not available for rent.  The short term rental apartment is located above a detached three car garage located behind the home.  For the last 9 years the apartment was rented on a long term basis. In 2016 the tenant bought a home of her own and at that time we made the decision to renovate the apartment for our personal use when visiting the area.

After several inquires from friends in Granville we decided to share our apartment with others by making it available for short term rental.  Access to the apartment requires the use of stairs.  We do not recommend small children due to the size of the apartment and that the home is not child proof.  

The availability of our apartment is not widely adverstised because we want to keep it small and are not interested in turning it into a frequently used accomodation with high traffic.  Thus, the reason for the highly unusual name making it difficult to find unless you are referred.  If you are visiting the area and want something more than a standard hotel room; access to a full kitchen to prepare a meal for a college student; spend a long weekend or a few weeks for business in the area; or visiting the college; we think you will enjoy staying in our small little apartment within walking distance of the village.

Please contact us with any questions or interests.